Connect It

In the world of marketing, a lot of fishing analogies come to mind.

Here are three of our favorite analogies that stand out the most if you appreciate them for what they represent—


• Fish where the fish are
• Present the fly just right and it’s, “Fish on!”
• Consumers are like trout—one bad cast, any unexpected movement and they’re gone


Cognitive One is your marketing guide, much like a fishing guide. We understand the science of connecting your brand to the consumer through organic marketing techniques that render results you can eat. We make personal introductions, image position key executives, introduce strategic alliance partners and help you craft the right pitch so you can land the big ones—over and over and over again.

Benefit by Undergoing the Brand Core Process

Discover the inner workings of your brand to keep it firing

Emerging, Mature, and Merging brands can all benefit from our Brand Core process that establishes the connections to your team and customers. Read More

Need a Social Media Marketing Transfusion?

Get a brand boost from our online activation alchemists

You've heard a lot about Social Media but have some questions about how it works for your brand. We've cracked the code at Cognitive One. Read More

Get the Right Spin on Your Brand Message

Your brand has a story dying to get out. We'll pitch It.

A well planned public relations strategy will educate your audience and position you as the go-to brand. Read More

Freeing Brands from 110v Outlets

Put your brand on the move with iOS and Android apps

There's an already built-in audience for your business on the web. Setting your brand loose with a mobile app by Cognitive One is smart and simple. Read More

Feeding the Seeds of Your Innovation

We've got the Dreamers, Doers, and Believers covered

First, combine the resources of a full-service marketing company and then add the venture capital. Shake it up. Olive optional. Read More

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