Dr. Fran Pirozzolo

Transformational leadership, international authority in neuroscience.

With his work rooted in the laws of neuroscience and brain development in particular, Dr. Fran Pirozzolo has helped to transform some of the most powerful and successful organizations in the world. Fran is well known for his accomplishments helping George Steinbrenner, Joe Torre and the New York Yankees’ return as the most successful sports franchise in the world during their dynasty from 1996-2001. The Yankees won four World Series championships in Fran’s first five years in New York before establishing an innovative player development program for the new NFL franchise, the Houston Texans; for which he won the NFL’s Winston Shell Award.

Applying the principles of team cohesion developed from scientific inquiry at the NASA Johnson Space Center, Dr. Pirozzolo has embarked on a new challenge in professional baseball. Beginning last year with Nolan Ryan and a host of strong leaders and players, Fran has helped transform the Texas Rangers player development program into an award winning effort that contributed to their back-to-back appearance in the 2010 and 2011 World Series championship.

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