Tony Camberlango

Corporate structures, real estate development and environmental abatement.

Tony is a recognized leader in real estate development and home building since 1971. He brings a wealth of expertise to Cognitive One client engagements that require transformational planning to achieve success in the post-real estate boom era.

Tony served as Senior Vice President of SunCor Development from 1986 to 1994 and was specifically responsible for the Acquisition and Development of Large Master Planned Communities located in Arizona, California and New Mexico. From 1994 to 1998 Tony was a partner in a boutique homebuilding company, Golden Heritage Homes, with sales of 250 up-scale empty-nester homes per year. Tony successfully engineered a sale of this company to a public company that continues to operate the company today, and it enjoys the brilliant history and reputation established by the principals. Tony has also consulted on a number of planned communities in Mexico and the Bahamas, and has been involved in the development and construction of luxury lofts and town homes in California and Arizona since 1995.

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