Benefit by Undergoing the Brand Core Process

Discover the inner workings of your brand to keep it firing

Emerging, Mature and Merging brands can all benefit from our Brand Core process that establishes the connections to your team and customers.

The Cognitive One Brand Core Process is a three-dimensional “objects, attributes and links” model that utilizes Synthetic Thinking and Analysis to define the actors, roles and connections to the brand in ways that creates linkages among them all. The result is unique brand migration plans that support high-level strategy and maximizes results.

Part of our Ethos is based on the concept that we think of brands not as an inanimate things, but rather as living creatures with emotions and a past, present and future—maybe a dog, for example. The dog has a role in a family and unique relationship with each family member, friend—even the mailman. The relationship descriptions between the dog and people around him are attributes. So, if the dog likes the mailman, then the dog wags his tale (a visual cue). If the dog dislikes the mailman, then the dog barks (auditory cue). This is a basic example of how we build objects, attributes and links in our three-dimensional Brand Core model.

Contact us if you’d like more information about the Brand Core Process and how we would create a synthetic model for your brand. We promise not to bark or bite. Good One.

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