Feeding The Seeds of Your Innovation

We’ve got the Dreamers, Doers and Believers covered.

First, combine the resources of a full-service marketing company and then add the venture capital. Shake it up. Olive optional.

Cognitive One is one-of-kind when it comes to the fusion of a full-service marketing company with the resources of venture capital and business incubation services. Our leadership team has spent decades in business development and venture capital roles. As a result, we have successfully developed strategic partnerships with affluent investors worldwide. We track investor appetite for vertical market sector investments that have explosive growth potential. As a matchmaker, we introduce those investors with qualifying candidate companies.

Cognitive One also trades services for equity in qualifying companies that match our own criteria for explosive growth opportunity, competitive advantage through protected intellectual property or clearly superior time to market; and we see a clearly outlined exit strategy. The latter is why we shy away from entrepreneurs who are in love with their product or service and want to make a lifetime living the dream as a CEO and build a family business.

What do we contribute? We deliver decades of tacit knowledge that has value—but knowledge is also provided in combination with go-to-market strategy, strategic planning, temporary executive management, board and capital formation, strategy and broad-based tactical marketing services. If these services were contracted for-hire, then the cash costs would otherwise create significant barriers to successful execution or necessitate raising far more cash in early rounds that would significantly impact founder valuation.

Cognitive One delivers innovative solutions for emerging brands.

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