Lifeblood for Your Social Media Mix

Get a brand boost from our online activation alchemists

You’ve heard a lot about Social Media but have some questions about how it works for your brand. We’ve cracked the code at Cognitive One

Americans love their social media and they love their mobile devices. No surprise, then, that they love to access social media via their mobile devices, according to the latest figures from comScore’s MobiLens service, which shows that 72.2 million Americans accessed social networks or blogs on a mobile device in August 2011 — up 37% from 52.7 million during the same month in 2010.

Social Plasma, the online activation team at Cognitive One, understands how to put your brand in touch with that massive audience. But it’s more than a Facebook page (uggh) or Twittering the daily sales discount (even a deeper ugghh). To build a successful social media strategy requires an architecture that takes into account the many variables of your audience: where they are located, how they receive information, on what screen it’s viewed and what operating system they are using! The Social Plasma gang evaluates the merits of “second screens” such as micro-sites and online promotional videos or promotional games to drive engagement—and they ensure it all connects to the comprehensive marketing strategy.

The entire social media world is moving at break-neck speed. In the world of online brand activation, it’s a requirement to have a solid social media strategy—even better to consult with Cognitive One’s Social Plasma team for an infusion of social media lifeblood.

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