Cognitive One moves concepts, companies, people and projects beyond the obvious.

We are experts in strategic positioning and execution planning. By using a collective approach with our clients, we discover and uncover the true organizational definition, subtlety and nuances–then carefully craft a solid plan for how they are transformed to survive in a highly competitive environment: Surviving 0 to 1.

Here’s a quick Cognitive One ethos to consider as you make a determination of what to do, whom to trust and what’s the risk. We’ll tell you the truth and voice our opinion. We’re in it to win it with you. The cornerstone of any engagement has to be truth first, conviction to speak it and abandonment of ideology if it doesn’t fit the future as the best outcome. Help clients to embrace change even when it hurts. Think of a brand not as an inanimate thing, but rather as a living creature with emotions and a past, present and future.

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