Cog: Cognitive One Celebrates S4 Golf Tournament and Public Unveiling of Logo at Autism Awareness Event

May 27th, 2011


Cognitive One was honored to be selected as the marketing team to create a new logo for the Swinging Fore The Spectrum charity golf tournament to benefit children and families affected by autism through the Arizona Autism Coalition.


Cognitive One created a logo that captured the energy of a sports brand that could be used in many additional venues and applied to golf and sports merchandise.


Reid Peterson, S4 tournament founder kindly stated,”We were blown away by Cognitive One and what they presented to us even in the first round of creative. They nailed it for us and the response has been very positive. We put it on the golf shirts and it was pretty impressive.”


About Cognitive One: Cognitive One is an interdisciplinary, innovative and uniquely skilled team that builds, hones and reinvents existing brands.  We develop and assist in financing emerging brands and management teams we believe in. We deliver tangible results that are measurable in each segment of our practice areas.

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