Obama Campaign Is Running Out The Clock On Romney

It’s like John McCain is somehow influencing the Romney campaign strategy at this point…Romney looks and acts the presidential part; it’s the role of nominee in a bare-fisted winner-take-all election fight he’s not getting. And that’s why Darwin was right and we have Obama in office.

This was the substance of an email exchange this morning with my father. eMail is a great way to share a thought or two and get the fingers moving. And then it occurred to me, Obama’s running out the clock on Mitt Romney. I’ll explain below.

The knock on the Obama campaign has been a lack of attack and detail on matters of substance — calling into the local “morning zoo” radio program and talking about great bar-b-que doesn’t solve the national debt crisis or explain the lack of a Syrian policy to get Russia and China to tow the line and tamp-down that civil war. The lack of substance is like watching a college basketball team hold onto a small fourth quarter lead by dragging the ball over the half-court line and then passing from corner to corner, avoiding defenders but willing to take a foul. Classic 80’s round ball. If there is one thing we know for sure about this president, he’s a basketball fanatic and plays it religiously. His own brother-in-law is a basketball coach! Trust me, they get this concept and are executing it — flawlessly.

And then there is Mitt Romney and his team who are swatting at the ball, lunging at the Obama team trying to stop the clock with the game refereed by mainstream media. This presents a terrific challenge to the Romney campaign that desperately needs to get into a heated running game up and down the court to score points in order to overcome the gap. Ask any basketball coach and he’ll tell you that you have to press hard, take a charge and sacrifice — leave it all on the court to overcome an opponent’s lead in the fourth quarter.

Here’s a word of advice to the Romney camp: Even though winning at this point may be out of the question given time on the clock, at least give the core supporters a final push to win that offers them some hope and a glimpse into the character of a candidate that is willing to leave it all on the court.

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