Feeding The Seeds of Your Innovation

We’ve got the Dreamers, Doers and Believers covered.

First, combine the resources of a full-service marketing company and then add the venture capital. Shake it up. Olive optional.

Cognitive One is one-of-kind when it comes to the fusion of a full-service marketing company with the resources of venture capital and business incubation services. Our leadership team has spent decades in business development and venture capital roles. As a result, we have successfully developed strategic partnerships with affluent investors worldwide. We track investor appetite for vertical market sector investments that have explosive growth potential. As a matchmaker, we introduce those investors with qualifying candidate companies.

Cognitive One also trades services for equity in qualifying companies that match our own criteria for explosive growth opportunity, competitive advantage through protected intellectual property or clearly superior time to market; and we see a clearly outlined exit strategy. The latter is why we shy away from entrepreneurs who are in love with their product or service and want to make a lifetime living the dream as a CEO and build a family business.

What do we contribute? We deliver decades of tacit knowledge that has value—but knowledge is also provided in combination with go-to-market strategy, strategic planning, temporary executive management, board and capital formation, strategy and broad-based tactical marketing services. If these services were contracted for-hire, then the cash costs would otherwise create significant barriers to successful execution or necessitate raising far more cash in early rounds that would significantly impact founder valuation.

Cognitive One delivers innovative solutions for emerging brands.

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Benefit by Undergoing the Brand Core Process

Discover the inner workings of your brand to keep it firing

Emerging, Mature and Merging brands can all benefit from our Brand Core process that establishes the connections to your team and customers.

The Cognitive One Brand Core Process is a three-dimensional “objects, attributes and links” model that utilizes Synthetic Thinking and Analysis to define the actors, roles and connections to the brand in ways that creates linkages among them all. The result is unique brand migration plans that support high-level strategy and maximizes results.

Part of our Ethos is based on the concept that we think of brands not as an inanimate things, but rather as living creatures with emotions and a past, present and future—maybe a dog, for example. The dog has a role in a family and unique relationship with each family member, friend—even the mailman. The relationship descriptions between the dog and people around him are attributes. So, if the dog likes the mailman, then the dog wags his tale (a visual cue). If the dog dislikes the mailman, then the dog barks (auditory cue). This is a basic example of how we build objects, attributes and links in our three-dimensional Brand Core model.

Contact us if you’d like more information about the Brand Core Process and how we would create a synthetic model for your brand. We promise not to bark or bite. Good One.

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Lifeblood for Your Social Media Mix

Get a brand boost from our online activation alchemists

You’ve heard a lot about Social Media but have some questions about how it works for your brand. We’ve cracked the code at Cognitive One

Americans love their social media and they love their mobile devices. No surprise, then, that they love to access social media via their mobile devices, according to the latest figures from comScore’s MobiLens service, which shows that 72.2 million Americans accessed social networks or blogs on a mobile device in August 2011 — up 37% from 52.7 million during the same month in 2010.

Social Plasma, the online activation team at Cognitive One, understands how to put your brand in touch with that massive audience. But it’s more than a Facebook page (uggh) or Twittering the daily sales discount (even a deeper ugghh). To build a successful social media strategy requires an architecture that takes into account the many variables of your audience: where they are located, how they receive information, on what screen it’s viewed and what operating system they are using! The Social Plasma gang evaluates the merits of “second screens” such as micro-sites and online promotional videos or promotional games to drive engagement—and they ensure it all connects to the comprehensive marketing strategy.

The entire social media world is moving at break-neck speed. In the world of online brand activation, it’s a requirement to have a solid social media strategy—even better to consult with Cognitive One’s Social Plasma team for an infusion of social media lifeblood.

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Public Relations Gets You Covered

Your brand has a story dying to get out. We Express It.

A well planned public relations strategy will educate your audience and position you as the go-to brand.

Public Relations (PR) is one of the greatest bangs for a marketing buck you can buy. In the best of times, PR will help to drive more interest in your brand based on the momentum it generates as a third-party account of the brilliance of your product or service. In the worst of times, The Press are bloodhounds in a relentless hunt for the story angle that can bury a brand deep—never to be seen again. If you’re somewhere in the middle (no bloodhounds but customers aren’t beating the doors down either) because your brand is new or long-ago forgotten, stand assured that there’s assistance coming from Cognitive One.

Cognitive One develops story angles and spins to insert your brand into the media mix based on the value it (or you and the team) brings to the table. If you missed the Brand Core Process article (go back and read it now), Cognitive One builds a synthetic model of your brand and then creates audience connections and emotional links to it. Among the numerous connections we create in our model for you is the many relationships your brand can have with The Media. We then establish the attributes your brand has; generally story ideas, positions and values it can express in the current world of social media and traditional media.

Cognitive One also uses our Embedded Social Media Strategy that embeds the brand and people into social media circles of influence and builds credibility through thought leadership. We also create linkages among complementary brands to assist like-minded audiences in learning more about them.

Under one combined PR strategy, Cognitive One will help your brand educate, influence and flourish. Oh, and if you need us to help call off those bloodhounds, then give us a call so you don’t have us tracking you down, too. We’re pretty fast.

The magazine covers above? Yes—we’ve placed features in these actual editions and hundreds of others.

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Freeing Brands From 110v Outlets

Put Your Brand on the Move with Apple and Android Apps

There’s an already built-in audience for your business on the web. Setting your brand loose with a mobile app by Cognitive One is smart and surprisingly cost effective.

Brands simply must migrate to mobile device platforms that include iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile and Blackberry operating systems. Here’s why– although mobile browsers remain the most popular way of accessing social media via mobile device, with 42.3 million users according to comScore, they’re being rapidly overtaken by mobile apps. The mobile browser figure represents a 24% increase over last year’s figure of 34.2 million, while the number using mobile apps to access social media jumped 126% from 17 million to 38.5 million.

About 23.4% of the U.S. population is accessing social media through mobile devices on a monthly basis, and as one might expect, the proportion is even higher among people who own smartphones — three out of five, according to Mark Donovan, comScore’s senior vice-president for mobile. And the monthly measure only tells part of the story, as a big subset accesses social media via mobile devices every day, with nearly 40 million Americans checking in on a daily basis — up 58% from 25.3 million last year.

Migrating your brand to a mobile application platform with Cognitive One will increase your exposure within social media circles and increase user engagement (sales conversions). Most brands can make the transition to mobile quickly (within 60 days) and costs are relative to the scope of the project, but range anywhere from $20,000-$40,000 (but can be more for larger projects). Ask us for initial cost estimate to unleash your brand from the 110-volt outlet.

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