Public Relations Gets You Covered

Your brand has a story dying to get out. We Express It.

A well planned public relations strategy will educate your audience and position you as the go-to brand.

Public Relations (PR) is one of the greatest bangs for a marketing buck you can buy. In the best of times, PR will help to drive more interest in your brand based on the momentum it generates as a third-party account of the brilliance of your product or service. In the worst of times, The Press are bloodhounds in a relentless hunt for the story angle that can bury a brand deep—never to be seen again. If you’re somewhere in the middle (no bloodhounds but customers aren’t beating the doors down either) because your brand is new or long-ago forgotten, stand assured that there’s assistance coming from Cognitive One.

Cognitive One develops story angles and spins to insert your brand into the media mix based on the value it (or you and the team) brings to the table. If you missed the Brand Core Process article (go back and read it now), Cognitive One builds a synthetic model of your brand and then creates audience connections and emotional links to it. Among the numerous connections we create in our model for you is the many relationships your brand can have with The Media. We then establish the attributes your brand has; generally story ideas, positions and values it can express in the current world of social media and traditional media.

Cognitive One also uses our Embedded Social Media Strategy that embeds the brand and people into social media circles of influence and builds credibility through thought leadership. We also create linkages among complementary brands to assist like-minded audiences in learning more about them.

Under one combined PR strategy, Cognitive One will help your brand educate, influence and flourish. Oh, and if you need us to help call off those bloodhounds, then give us a call so you don’t have us tracking you down, too. We’re pretty fast.

The magazine covers above? Yes—we’ve placed features in these actual editions and hundreds of others.

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